If you have a small business, you need good, inexpensive email tools. Many excellent email services are out there, so you can find one that’s just right for you. We can help you choose the best one and the cheapest one, too.

Read our guide about email marketing tools for small businesses and learn how to make your brand more popular online. Let’s start and improve your small business with the best email marketing services!

Importance Of Choosing The Best Email Marketing Services

A good email marketing service can help you talk to your customers better, get more people to buy your stuff, and make them like your brand more. The best email marketing tools make it easier for you to manage your marketing and understand what your customers like and do. This way, you can change what you send to make your customers happy and make more money.

Also, by comparing the prices of different email marketing services, you can find a cheap one that still works well. Knowing how much email marketing costs is essential, especially for small businesses with little money.

Luckily, many small business email marketing tools are affordable and valuable. Choosing the right one for your budget can save you money and improve your marketing.

Best Email Marketing Services For Small Businesses

1. Campaigner

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Campaigner makes it easy to create cool-looking emails with templates you can change to fit your style. You can write particular messages that make your customers happy. It also has a tool that lets you send emails automatically, guiding your customers step by step to buy things.

Campaigner’s Reputation Defender feature keeps your email system in good shape. It finds mistakes before you send emails and helps you avoid risky contacts that could hurt your reputation.

Campaigner offers Campaigner SMS if you want to try other ways to market your business. This service helps you set up automatic messages for your customers.

2. Brevo

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Brevo is an excellent choice if you want something that works well and costs less. It has lots of features, just like famous platforms such as ActiveCampaign.

Brevo has a unique system called CRM that helps you manage your business. It’s good at doing things automatically, connecting with other tools, and organizing contacts. This makes Brevo better than many different platforms. However, its interface might be more complicated than straightforward options like Mailchimp.

Brevo is also suitable for sending marketing messages through SMS and has many templates for email creation. You can set up custom workflows to send emails automatically based on what your contacts do on your website. For example, if someone adds a product to their cart but doesn’t buy it, Brevo can automatically send them an email reminder.

Brevo offers a free account to send up to 300 emails daily and keep unlimited contacts. If you need to send more emails, you can choose a paid plan starting at $25 per month. This way, Brevo can help you grow your business by staying connected with your customers and managing your marketing efforts quickly and effectively.



SMTP is good at making sure emails get to the right people. For the last 20 years, more than 100,000 businesses have used SMTP to send emails because it works so well.

SMTP is part of a big company called Ziff Davis, Inc. They help businesses with email marketing. SMTP is great because it has solid and reliable systems that ensure emails don’t get blocked and go straight to people’s inboxes.

With SMTP, you get detailed reports, an easy way to send emails and help from a friendly team. They also offer services like Reputation Defender to protect your email’s good name, a unique IP address just for you, and on-demand statistics to see how well your emails are doing.

Many happy customers have seen their emails get delivered better; more people interact with their brand, and more clients because of SMTP.

4. Omnisend

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For small online stores, using Omnisend can be a good idea. Over 70,000 online shops already trust this tool. Omnisend has many easy-to-use marketing tools, especially for email marketing. Omnisend is excellent for emails with lots of pictures. It has many templates you can pick from and change to fit your needs using a simple drag-and-drop editor.

Omnisend offers tools like A/B testing to ensure your emails get opened. This means you can try different versions of your email to see which one works best. By using customer information and shopping history, you can group your audience in a way that can increase your sales by up to 60%.

5. Convertkit


ConvertKit is a tool for sending emails to many people at once. It’s easy to use, and you can make emails look nice without knowing how to code or use particular computer languages. You just drag and drop things to create your emails.

ConvertKit is also great because it saves you time. Its unique features let you set up automatic emails, so you don’t have to send each by hand. You can create a funnel plan that shows how you want to send emails to your customers. This way, you can ensure your customers get the right emails at the right time.

Plus, ConvertKit is cheaper than other tools that do the same thing. It’s powerful and helps you get more done with less effort.

6. GetResponse

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GetResponse is a tool that allows businesses to send emails to their customers. It’s great for small and medium-sized businesses and even new companies just starting. Big companies like Ikea and UNICEF also use GetResponse to send emails that look nice and are easy to read.

This tool is not expensive and is easy to use. It has many features, can connect with other tools, and provides detailed information about your emails’ performance. However, one thing it could improve on is its automatic email feature.

What makes GetResponse unique is that it can help with more than just emails. It can also help you create and improve web pages, plan to attract more customers and automate your marketing tasks. This flexibility makes GetResponse an excellent tool for businesses seeking a complete marketing solution.

7. ActiveCampaign

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If you have a small business or a startup, ActiveCampaign can help you grow. It’s a simple and affordable tool for email marketing, perfect for small businesses.

ActiveCampaign has a system to help you manage your contacts and sales. This system can automatically organize your sales and marketing tasks. It also gives you helpful reports showing how well your email marketing works.

One of the best things about ActiveCampaign is how it personalizes the customer experience. Its website groups users by industry, product, and role. This way, each user gets a customized email marketing service that fits their needs. This personal touch makes ActiveCampaign an excellent choice for a unique email marketing solution.

8. AWeber


AWeber is an excellent choice for web marketers who want a reliable tool without breaking the bank. Their website says they aim to provide simple email marketing for small businesses, doing 90% of the work for you! AWeber’s easy-to-read reports are great for beginners, while advanced users can use the split-testing features.

TAWeber offers a template library, an AI design assistant, and a drag-and-drop email and landing page creator. It also has a campaign marketplace and automated campaign options. Thus, it is perfect for businesses seeking an affordable, flexible email marketing solution.

9. Drip

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Drip is a fantastic tool for sending emails to customers. It works well with WooCommerce, which is excellent for online stores. Drip can help you market your products better by sending emails at the correct times.

Drip also offers extensive help and support. You can chat with them live, watch webinars, take online courses, and read detailed guides.

Drip might cost more than other tools, but it’s worth it. It can improve your marketing and help you make more money.

10. OptinMonster

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OptinMonster is a fantastic tool for turning more website visitors into email subscribers and customers. It’s easy to use and offers a variety of tools, such as pop-ups, slide-ins, welcome mats, and coupon wheels, that you can add to your site with just a few clicks.

With OptinMonster, you can grow your email list quickly and easily. It works seamlessly with all the popular email marketing services so that you can send targeted campaigns immediately.

One of the best things about OptinMonster is its advanced targeting features. These allow you to show different messages to visitors based on their behavior and location, making your campaigns more relevant and effective.


In 2024, there are lots of cool ways to help your small business grow using Email Marketing Services! You can find email tools that are just right for you and your wallet and are easy to use.

Choosing the exemplary email marketing service by Integrated IT Solutions can help your business grow and make more customers happy. So, check out your options and pick the one that fits best. That way, your small business can soar higher in 2024 and beyond!