A few years ago, let’s say 15, you were required to hire a developer to build a website. Today anyone can make a website. Plenty of web design solutions are available in the form of free and premium templates. 

But from a corporate scenario, these ready-made samples may not be a perfect solution to meet your personalized needs. However, they’re quick and feasible to create, there are other things, and features you might miss because this will directly impact your business goals.

This is the reason why we’ve witnessed a dramatic increase in custom web development solutions in the past few years. 

On the contrary, a custom solution is a one-end solution that covers all your demands but it comes up with a price. 

So, how do you know if this approach works well? Let’s start from scratch!

What is a Custom Web Development Service?

Custom web development is the activity of setting up a customized website that offers your business an on-of-a-kind online experience. 

In simpler terms, custom web development is tailor-made for your brand, product, or business. They are specifically built for your target audience to give you a competitive edge in the market. 

Why Do You Need a Custom Web Development Service?

Above all custom web development services indeed help you stand out and offer you an extra edge over your rivals. However, these services respond differently to various businesses. 

For example, you’re a restaurant owner who doesn’t need much service. An ordinary website covering details of your menu, company, location, staff, and contacts would be ok. And there are tons of ready-made templates in the market to fulfill that purpose. 

But, if you’re searching for something to make your restaurant grow in the form of reservations, reviews, e-commerce, and service. Then custom web development is right for you.

Custom Website Development & Pre-Made Template: What’s the Difference?

Although, there is nothing bad in using pre-made templates, or other forms of templates. In most cases, they’re easy to use, time-saving, and money-saving solutions. 

The best part is that you’ll end up with a generic design appearance that lacks showing innovation of your company’s service and product. In addition to this, you will be trapped in template customization functions because you will get confused with designing features simultaneously. 

Shown below is a table illustrating the potential difference between a custom web development service and a readymade website template. 

Custom Web Development  Pre-Made Template
1 Unique & offers flexibility and software integration Pre-designed layout & offers ready-to-use design
2 Don’t need to spend money on useless features  You’re bound to pay one-time charges in premium
3 Incorporate new changes when needed Limited options to update the design 
4 Requires more expertise & resources No skills are required 
5 Rely on web designers & developers You’re the only player in your work


Benefits of Custom Web Development Services

Branding & Promotion

Due to so many ready-made templates out in the market, you’ve probably observed that these websites appear similar. This is because the same templates were incorporated with only differences in images and text. 

Therefore, being authentic in the pool of copy/paste environments helps you stand out from the crowd. 

Best Investment in Long-run

Although the price of developing a custom web development solution may be higher than simply using a template. It’s a great investment in the long run. 

For instance, custom web development services grow easily. So, as your business scales up, your developers will be in a position to grow the same website or application. 

Reliable for Complex Websites

Assume that you’ve planned to use WordPress for your website and downloaded a template. After a small customization, you’re now making it live. Meanwhile, you add different plugins and features, like optimized images, and high-quality content. 

But you know that your website is unfortunately slow. 

So custom web development services enable you to eliminate irrelevant bloatware while allowing features. Besides this, with the growing API microservices environment, you can minimize costs even further.  

Good User Experience

You can deliver an excellent user experience if you build a website,

  • keeping customers in mind
  • that works smoothly on browsers and devices
  • that is unstoppable

Since both search engines and your audience, prioritize those websites that entail better user experience. 

Drawbacks of Custom Web Development Service


Developing a custom solution will negatively cost you more as far as primary costs are concerned. This is because you’ll need a developer team to create your website. And this will even cost you more time to make things complete. 


Designing the website requires time, from every aspect. For example, you will be bound to invest your precious time in hiring developers, building websites, fixing bugs, updates, etc. 

How will you decide If Custom Web Development is the Way to Go? 

When it comes to planning whether you should go for a custom approach or not you will need to consider certain factors

  • Make sure that what are your business goals
  • Make proper planning beforehand
  • Plan your Budget
  • Compare 

Final Thoughts

Visit through the list of perks and drawbacks, match them against your brand objective, and plan for the right choice for your business. But if you’re in search of creative and personalized UX design and optimal performance then customweb development is the right approach. 

If you need a custom web development team to bring your ideas to life, then let’s have a consultation at Integrated IT Solutions.

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