Ecommerce Practices refer to the process of buying and selling the goods over the internet. if you want to become an ecommerce expert or you may need a website for the purpose.  The design and first impression of any e-commerce website is a critical factor to gauge its success. Maximum exposure and user attraction are the key elements to drive more traffic and sales for online businesses. According to recent studies and reports, it is estimated that about 34% of the visitors leave the site after just visiting the homepage.

5 Ecommerce Practices For Skyrocketing your sales 

User-Centric Design

User is the focal point for any  business or product in the world. Better representation and seamless user experience are a success for any eCommerce website.

Your design plays a key role in customer conversion rate. For instance, your website could easily turn any visitor into a buyer when it includes necessary details required for a user. Keep yourself in the shoes

Effective Product Showcase

As we know this fact, the Effective product showcase in e-commerce website design. Online shopping is growing impressively and it doesn’t appear to slow down at any point shortly.

“In 2020, over two billion people purchased goods or services online, and during the same year, e-retail sales surpassed 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide (Statista, 2021)”

Ecommerce and online shopping is all about the visual representation of your business, products or items. So the best way to improve your efforts are proper and adequate showcasing of your products to build a remarkable impression on visitors.

  • Don’t ignore to highlight the minor details, customers pay special attention to these things.
  • Add unique and high-quality images to grab the attention of customers.
  • Add latest and trending items to increase the chances of sales.

Choosing a design that highlights the product well is very crucial. If you miss a product image or description, you are persuading the visitors to get off the website. Write product descriptions that offer complete information and answer the following questions.

Few more tips to enhance customer engagement,

  • Use high-resolution images
  • Click multiple images from different angles
  • Images that can be zoomed in or out
  • Big and clear product images

Mobile-Responsive Design

According to Google, 73% of shoppers move away from a poorly structured mobile website. Mobile responsive design is a must-have for e-commerce businesses since the number of mobile users is increasing rapidly. Therefore, it remains amongst crucial ecommerce practices for the businessmen.

Higher readability and ease of use are going to benefit your website a lot. Make sure that the mobile experience for your user is up to the mark. You can do this by asking your family or friends to test the responsiveness when they purchase from their mobile phones.

If you want to boost your sales and become a top-ranking e-commerce website, make improvements to your mobile design because the search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo prefer the websites that have a responsive mobile design and put their user experience above all.

Contact Information

If your customer has something to ask or is getting confused while making a purchase, he is probably going to go to the contact us page. And this is the part where you can make your customer service process very smooth.

Your contact information should be easy to find for a customer. Do not ever forget to put your email address or phone numbers on your homepage if you do not want to lose a customer. You can add plenty of options to help customers contact you without any hindrance;

  • Phone numbers
  • Contact form
  • Widget to send a direct message to your Facebook page
  • Live chat feature
  • Email address

Easy Checkout

Talking about Ecommerce Practices, checkout page is considered to be the most important page of any e-commerce website. It needs to be given proper attention by the designers.

Minimal form design, Step by step process, Customizing orders, Account registration, and Multiple Payment Options. Moreover, to cater to a wide range of shoppers you have to provide numerous payment options. Payment solutions should not be restricted. This can give a boost to sales and conversion rates.


What is the importance of a user-centric design in ecommerce practices?

A user-centric design is essential as it focuses on providing a better representation and user experience, which are crucial for the success of any e-commerce website. This approach aids in improving the customer conversion rate, as a well-designed website can effectively turn visitors into buyers.

Why is mobile-responsive design important in ecommerce practices?

With a significant portion of users shopping on mobile devices, having a mobile-responsive design is crucial. A poorly structured mobile website can drive away 73% of shoppers. A mobile-responsive design not only caters to the user experience but also enhances the site’s search engine rankings.

How does the checkout process impact ecommerce practices?

The checkout page is crucial in the purchasing process and requires careful attention. A minimal form design, step-by-step process, options for customizing orders, account registration, and multiple payment options can enhance user experience, boost sales, and increase conversion rates.

Why is it important to pay attention to minor product details in ecommerce practices?

Minor product details are crucial as customers pay special attention to these aspects. Providing comprehensive information, including minor details, helps in building trust and aids customers in making informed purchase decisions.