Potential customers are increasingly forgoing traditional marketing channels like phone books and business cards in favor of online ones like Google and LinkedIn. Today’s successful marketing strategies for law firms center on the Internet and its many practical applications. A solid digital marketing strategy is essential, as 97% of consumers use Internet sources to look for local services and products. You need to boost your online presence to compete with the many lawyers in your area and the growing number of online legal services. What will set you apart from other attorneys in 2023 and help you attract more clients? We know what works because we have tried and proven strategic marketing tactics for our legal industry clients (attorneys, conveyancers, and consultants). 

If you’re a lawyer looking to expand your practice, check out these five tried-and-true marketing tactics. 

  1. Search Engine Optimisation

When looking for a lawyer or other professional service, organic Google Search is consumers’ most popular method. 

If they wish to expand their practice in the future year, lawyers need to prioritize search engine optimization strategies. Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to raising a website’s or webpage’s profile in a search engine’s unpaid results. 

A definition, please. It means that your website will appear at the top of search engine results when people look for services like yours (e.g., “lawyer for traffic offense”), increasing the likelihood that they will visit your site. 

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is also essential for law firms because the vast majority of individual attorneys operate out of their own communities. 

When individuals in your neighborhood look for a lawyer on Google (e.g., “Conveyancer near me”), local search engine optimization will help you appear in the search results.

The following are some SEO-recommended practices that can help your law firm: 

  • Improve your search engine rankings for terms that describe the nature of your legal practice;
  • produce work of superior quality that speaks directly to your intended audience; 
  • create inbound links from authoritative sources; and
  • Make a Google My Business page and make sure it ranks well for search terms related to your area (like “Criminal Lawyer Adelaide”). 

2. Value-packed blogs 

Law companies can use blogging as one of their most powerful marketing tactics. Why? Because if you blog, you may give your readers information that is highly relevant to them. Showcasing your thought leadership increases your credibility, which in turn increases your audience’s trust in you and your law business. 

In addition, blogging might improve the search engine rankings of your law practice. Regular blogging can boost your website’s visibility in search engines like Google if the content is optimized appropriately for the keywords. 

So, how can we get legal firms to begin blogging? Some advice is as follows: 

  • Choose an approach that will appeal to your intended readers; 
  • Develop material that readers will find engaging and informative; 
  • Strategically insert keywords into your text; 
  • Add visuals like pictures and movies; and 
  • Publicize your blog entries on many online platforms. 

It’s okay to start small. First, I recommend attempting a short blog of around 350 words. As your writing speed improves, the word count can be increased.

3. PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a primary avenue professional services employ for lead generation alongside organic traffic. Your potential clients are probably looking for a lawyer on the Internet. Investing in advertising is one strategy to guarantee that people will notice your company before their competition. 

Advertising on LinkedIn has been shown to provide a high return on investment and new sales lead generation quickly. Advertising on LinkedIn has many advantages.

  • Possibility of narrowing your audience down based on their preferences and characteristics
  • Ads can be tailored to specific demographics and interests, and a daily budget can be set.
  • Your ad will be seen by approximately 900 million people daily on LinkedIn. 
  • The option to pause and reevaluate at any time if results are subpar.


The second paid option is Google Ads. With Google Ads, your website or landing page will appear in the search results before any organic results. If you need to run Google Ads yourself, other firms who have spent money on them will continue to outrank you even if your SEO is excellent.

Here are some of Google Ads’ advantages:

  • The capacity to focus on specific keywords and so attract the attention of those who are actively looking for your services
  • Ads can be tailored to particular demographics and interests, and a daily budget can be set.
  • Advantages over search engine optimization (but we still advocate SEO, as it’s essential for the long run).

4. Conversion Rate Optimisation 

Increasing the number of site visitors who do the desired action, such as subscribing to a mailing list or buying something, is the goal of conversion rate optimization (CRO). CRO is crucial for law firms since it may boost conversions and increase clients.

CRO involves these essential procedures: 


  • Figure out what you want people to do when they visit your website. Ensure you’re clear on the action you want your audience to take, whether downloading a white paper or making a purchase. 
  • You can learn what has to be changed by analyzing your present traffic and conversion rates. 
  • Changes to your website’s text, button, and picture placement, as well as testing out new landing pages, are all examples of what can be tested. 
  • Once you’ve put numerous variants through their paces, it’s time to assess their performance and adjust based on what’s ideal for your legal company. 

Adhering to these guidelines can improve the chances of a website visitor becoming a lead or client acquisition for a legal business.

5. Develop a Sales Process that works

Sales and marketing are complementary functions. Sales are what turns those leads into paying clients after marketing brings them in. A company’s marketing efforts could be for naught if the sales procedure needed to be more efficient.

KOA recognizes the value of an efficient sales procedure. That’s why we employ Go-High-Level, an effective customer relationship management and marketing platform. With the support of our staff, you’ll soon be able to monitor the progress of your leads through the Sales Funnel and make accurate financial projections.

While lead tracking is essential, so is a method for sorting and qualifying those leads. This way, you may save time and energy by boosting leads suitable for your business’s needs.

The first few seconds after a potential client calls or emails are pivotal. You can do all of this and more with Go-High-Level, and we can help you set up an automated email system to deliver emails while you get back to them. Don’t throw away all your hard work in advertising.

Wrapping Up

You can produce more lead generation to get more clients through your doors by using the five marketing tactics for law firms described above. There is a learning curve associated with digital marketing. Still, once you establish a presence online and begin interacting with potential customers, you can generate high-quality leads more quickly than ever. 

It might be challenging to stand out in a crowded legal market, but with the correct marketing tactics, your law company can grow and attract new clients. Employing these seven marketing tactics may boost your visibility, establish trust, and lead generation for your law business. 

Then why not make progress today? See the difference it can make for your legal practice by getting in touch with us for assistance with one (or more!) of these marketing tactics.