Integrated IT Solutions launches new groundbreaking software “Health Diary”. Now you can boost profitability and productivity with proven healthcare software. The new magical features of Health Diary not only allow practitioners to see more patients but also generate more revenues at the same time. We know you often question: How should I optimize care delivery and workflow so that I can thrive and grow my practice? Your answer lies in our latest software innovation Health Diary. 

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional healthcare practice. No need for paper-based records, siloed information systems, limited communication channels, and missed appointments. Health diary packs a punch with unique features to handle healthcare facility workflows at any scale. Now you can create, manage, store, and access patient records, schedule appointments, organize calendars, and manage patient admissions, and reports. 

See how our intelligent patient management platform will enhance your practice, appointment, scheduling, treatment style, and communication. 

Automated Solution To Optimize Healthcare Efficiency

Health Diary is one platform to empower your medical practice. It allows you to effortlessly schedule patient appointments. Nowadays, calling and making direct appointments have become a thing of the past.

Our industry-leading appointment scheduling software streamlines your front desk and handles patient schedules to prevent conflicts and delays. Besides this, Health Diary is a uniform patient scheduling solution that is quick to learn and easy to use. You can automate appointment notifications via text reminders, phone reminders, and email reminders to minimize no-shows. 

Handle All Healthcare Tasks on a Single Click

From record management to report approval everything is organized in Health Diary. It provides you freedom from computer systems and automatically helps healthcare practitioners handle patient medical records and clinical workflows. Along with this, it allows you to accomplish hassle-free management of reports, documents, and data through a secure process. So with Health Diary, you get the most reliable solution for report management. It not only works as a user-friendly scheduler but also covers recurring appointment processes. This scheduling feature is highly flexible and designed to offer a wide range of intervals to meet different scheduling requirements.

Currently, patient-physician communication is believed to be a basis for accurate diagnosis, counseling, and proper knowledge of a patient’s health condition. Therefore it would not be wrong to presume Health Diary as a physician-patient communication app. Accelerate compliance with the integration of eSignature on documents. Once electronic medical records get approval, they are instantly signed. Thus Health Diary eliminates the need for manual scanning by hospital staff. 

Save Time and Boost Efficiency

Effortlessly manage recurring appointments, streamline scheduling, and accelerate processes with Health Diary. Allowing admins to schedule recurring appointments. We understand your problems for which we built this application, aiming to make it easier for you to reschedule your patients for future appointments.

Next time when you need to create a recurring appointment for a patient, you can simply go to the appointments tab and use your calendar to create weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly appointments for our recurring patients. We believe that with this feature not only can you reduce the time and effort invested in booking appointments, but you are also giving patients satisfaction that their appointments are rescheduled. 

Seamless Patient-Physician Interaction

Your field is all about patients. A patient-centered communication platform prioritizes doctor-patient relationships throughout the entire spectrum of healthcare services. Health Diary is your patient-engagement software embedded with a calling feature namely RingCentral Integration. This feature offers you the possibility to bring staff and patients together using phone calls.

Now your best patient experience starts with Health Diary, where you extend your care and communication in no time with the calling feature. Create secure and connected experiences across your healthcare organization. 

A Step Towards Professionalism 

Healthcare professionals never compromise their principles. The visibility of signatures on medical documents proves that you comply with HIPAA regulations. Health Diary represents your professional image in front of patients, with Digital Signature. It lets users sign documents with electronic freehand ink or by uploading a high-resolution image. That’s why we call it a Text and Image Signature feature. We know how simple and professional it is when you can automatically sign multiple documents at once with saved signatures. 

Quality and Safety go Hand in Hand

As a healthcare provider, we know your top priority is making sure your patient and member data is always safe and secure. So we have featured Report Approval and PDF generation with EHR integration in Health Diary. Restrict who can view, edit, comment, and share sensitive medical 

documents. Now prevent sensitive documents from being shared to unauthorized access.

Health Diary fully encrypts your documents and eliminates every chance of download, print, or text selection. We also value privacy as you do. That’s why we have built best-in-class security features on every inch of our platform. When we say quality we mean reliability in every step. You can generate pdf files from text and form data within Health Diary, without relying on any external dependencies or drivers. 

Reminders and Notification Alerts

Say goodbye to missed updates and hello to real-time responsive app alerts with Health Diary. We all know that missed appointments are interruptive to your schedule and may affect your revenue, but more importantly, it can pose a serious threat to patients’ health.

This notification reminder feature of our Health Diary lets you automatically send text, email, and on-device notifications. From now on never miss an important report update or appointment because Health Diary will help you know everything via email, message, and alert notification.

Health Diary – The Future of Home Healthcare Industry

This software is designed while keeping in mind the future needs of the home healthcare industry. It’s not just software, it’s a solution to enable healthcare providers to organize, record, manage, and report patient information.

We not only want to streamline medical processes but we also want to empower patients to manage their health like never before. We know that the industry has still far to go in the future. By looking at the potential challenges posed by the healthcare industry and pursuing solutions, our technology in healthcare will be poised to revolutionize patient management with the automated solution Health Diary.